About us - Masala art
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Masala Art, a chain of authentic Indian cuisine restaurants, is a passionate attempt to bring the delectable flavors of Indian food to the citizens of the Montenegro. Throughout history, Indian cuisine with its sumptuous flavors, has been a symbol of the country’s ancient and diverse culture, bringing scientific benefits for the mind, body and soul.


Masala Art, the brainchild of founder,  Rajesh Prabhakar, began its operations with its first Indian restaurant in Shanghai, China back in 2001. Rajesh has been previously associated with India’s world renowned luxury hotel chain- The Taj Group of Hotels for over two decades.


Rajesh believes cooking Indian food is a science, as well as an art of mixing Masalas ( herbs and spices), bringing together a perfect blend of exotic spices in the form of cooking.


Team of our very experienced Indian chefs and service staff are passionate to bring a full range of  authentic Indian cuisine to the food aficionados of Montenegro.


Apart from the traditional time tested ancient delicacies which are testimony to the rich culinary heritage of India, Masala Art team is constantly innovating and endeavoring to create a unique and titillating experience for our guests.


The ambiance radiates Indian culture, art and heritage which will transport you to the land of love, color and joy, as you settle down for a soothing, exhilarating, and authentic Indian dining experience.


Whether you are a fan of Indian cuisine, or want to experience the real flavors of India without travelling to the mesmerizing country, or you simply are an Indian missing the ‘ghar-ka-khana’ (home- made-food), Masala Art is the place for you to be.